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**Please view “Upcoming at Mountain Ministries” for a list of upcoming events at Mountain Ministries! 

Due to the most recent spike in COVID-19 cases in our area, we will NOT be holding our last worship on the Mountain that was scheduled for Wednesday, November 18, 2020. 

We want to take some time to say thank you to the many individuals and families who attended services this summer and fall at Prayer Mountain. 

A friendly reminder that our Thanksgiving Podcast will be here on the website and on Facebook the week of Thanksgiving. 

Good News from the Mountain radio ministry program will air over Beaver County Radio beginning Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 6:30PM and concluding at 7:00PM. 

All are invited to attend our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service that will be held on Christmas Eve beginning at 4:00PM at Prayer Mountain. 

Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook Page for updates or revisions to our upcoming schedule. 


Hello All!
It is official! Thanksgiving week is upon us! There are so many things to be thankful for even during these uncertain times!
Here at Mountain Ministries we thank God for gifting us with such a beautiful Mountain to worship on each and every Wednesday evening! We thank God for our leadership team who has the wisdom, knowledge, and ability to lead us to the God, Forgiveness, and unconditional love and salvation.
And most importantly, we are thankful for you! The community of believers that attend our worships and support Mountain Ministries!
No matter if you are meeting family in person or virtually, may your Thanksgiving be Blessed by God.
God Bless!
Please click below to listen to our Thanksgiving Podcast! 



Rodney E. Smith 


NEW: Visit Mountain-Ministries Video Log Page from Pastor Rod Smith 

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Celebrating Love on the Mountain.
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