About Us

114 Fisher Drive
Darlington, Pa. 16115


Mountain Ministries is a faith based community of believers who meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM for worship at the Prayer Mountain Retreat Center on 114 Fisher Drive in Darlington, Pennsylvania. 
Mountain Ministries is a non-denominational group that offers Grace, Love, and Salvation in Jesus Christ. 
Mountain Ministries is also called upon to help strengthen the disciples of Jesus Christ. 
During the spring and summer months worship is held in the Tabernacle. During the fall and winter months worship is held in the spacious heated Chapel. 
Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM Mountain Ministries offers a true time praise and worship. 

Pastor Rod Smith offers the message along with other guest clergy and the worship is led by several laity.  


Mountain Ministries has partnered with Prayer Mountain Retreat center in Ministry for the past three years. 
Prayer Mountain Retreat Center has a long history and vision to bring people of all ages on the Mountain to experience the living and loving presence of God. There are numerous reasons that one would climb God’s holy Mountain. Whether that be for retreats, worship, fellowship, or for a time to be restored and transformed in the faith as living disciples of Jesus Christ. Mountain Ministries shares events alongside Prayer Mountain Retreat Center to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christmas and the Ministry of Prayer Mountain. 

Mountain Ministries has a leadership team consisting of 14 members who lead and oversee the ministry on the mountain. Wednesday evening worship is the center of the ministry, but the leadership team also leads the ministry in fellowship dinners, concerts, Bible Studies, and Men & Women Events and hopefully many new events in the future! 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the leadership team wanted to spread Good News, but in person worship was not able to be done on God’s Holy Mountain. Mountain Ministries partnered with Beaver County Radio and launched a radio show “Good News from the Mountain.” The radio show grew rapidly and could be heard no only in Beaver County, but all over the world, thanks to live streaming, our Facebook Page, and here on our website!   


All those who participate in Mountain Ministries do so as volunteers and servants of Jesus Christ. 

Mountain Ministries invites you to climb God’s beautiful and Holy Mountain to share God’s Good News at Prayer Mountain Retreat Center. Please take a look at our calendar of upcoming worships! All are welcome and invited to attend. 

Please feel free to reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!