About Us

114 Fisher Drive
Darlington, Pa. 16115

Mountain Ministries began last June with a community of believers gathering on the Mountain at Prayer Mountain Retreat Center a 7:30pm Wednesday Nights to worship and gather for fellowship. Mountain Ministries has since grown into a ministry and partnership with Prayer Mountain Retreat Center. The Mission of Mountain Ministries is to worship God, offer salvation, grace, love and to strengthen disciples as a community of believers. All are welcome. Worship is held on Wednesday nights in the Tabernacle Worship Center during the months of Spring to Fall and in the Chapel Worship Center during the Winter through Spring. Mountain Ministries is not a church but a community of believes that gathers in the Tabernacle worship building in the Spring through fall and the Chapel worship building during the Winter months.


MOUNTAIN MINISTRIES has partnered with the Prayer Mountain Retreat Center that has always had a vision to bring people on the mountain to experience the living and love presence of God. People come for retreats, worship, fellowship, study and time to be restored and transformed in the faith as living disciples of Jesus Christ.

MOUNTAIN MINISTRIES has a leadership team of 12 members who are leading this ministry on the mountain. Exciting plans are being made for this new year to include: Bible Studies, Men & Women Retreats, Fellowship Events, Music events and the Wednesday Night Worship on the Mountain. Anyone interested in sharing musical talents or wanting to get involved in the ministry of Mountain Ministries is invited. Plans are also being developed to work with Prayer Mountain Retreat Center in sharing in some events this year that will include: work days, Festivals, Open House to promoted the Retreat Center and some fund raisers to help with the cost of running the Retreat Center. Mountain Ministries is also sharing in mission with the Center For Hope in Ambridge Pa.


God is doing some exciting ministry on the mountain and all are invited to come and join in this new and exciting ministry. For information contact Mountain Ministries