Fall in America is full of things like the changing of leaves, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and other Halloween fun. 
However, for the wrest of the world, this list doesn’t even scratch the surface. After the fun and excitement of Halloween comes another important tradition: All Saint’s Day. 

What is All Saint’s Day? 
All Saint’s Day is a Catholic holiday for celebrating all of the saints. While it’s true that most Saints have their own days of celebrating on the Catholic calendar, it’s not always possible to observe all of these dates. Instead, most Catholics choose to celebrate all of the saints on a single day. All Saint’s Day. 
The day after All Saint’s Day is All Souls Day. This is the day in which Catholics celebrate those who are in Purgatory and will soon be cleaned of their sins to enter heaven. All Saints’ Day is truly a time for reflecting on traditions past, history, and being with the ones you love. 

As Christianity has spread across the globe, All Saints’ Day has evolved. It’s now adapted to different cultures, traditions, and people. Everyone has their own way to honor the deceased on November 1. 


All Saints’ Day is a moment to come together as Christians. This is a time for togetherness, family, and remembrance. There are many community and family events, and this holiday has a special place in many lives. This is a time to pay your respects to all who have come before you.