Better communication is key to getting thru difficult situations. 

I know that I am not the best communicator, but over the last several years, communication has been one of the top things I am trying to work on in my life. Let’s look at some different perspectives in regards to communication, both from a spiritual and everyday outlook. 


Communication with God Thru Prayer: 

First, let;s talk spiritual communication. How great is it that our communication with God is done thru prayer. Though yes, it would be great to hear his voice. What if everyone that we were communicating with, had the grace of God. We can only wish, right? 

Technology Changing How We Communicate: 

One thing about better communication that has to be discussed is technology and how it plays such a huge role in how we deal with situations. We all know about how the smartphone is changing how we communicate, and let’s be honest – it is not always for the best. While yes, it is easiest to communicate through text, if there is a conversation or a situation where your message could be misunderstood, do not send the text! Text messages have no feeling. You have no way to understand how the person on the other end took what you had to say. While I am constantly sending text messages, It is still good to pickup the phone!

With that all being said, there is still positives to technology! Technology is a God send not only for us here at Mountain Ministries, but all ministries, churches, and religious organizations! Without technology, you would not be reading this blog! You would not be on our website, hear our podcast, or receive emails from us! Believe it or not, without technology there would be some people who would never hear God’s Great News from the Mountain! Perhaps they are on a business trip, live far away, or do not want to step foot in a church but still want to hear God’s Word. With technology, the possibilities are endless with the people we can reach! 

Tips for Better Communication: 

Prayer – Say a prayer before you have a hard conversation. Ask God for peace, calm, and conclusion. 

Think Before You Speak – Think about what it is you are going to say before you actually say it. Write it down, if need be! 

No Texting – Save texts for simple conversations, not anything complex. 

Grace – We have used this word a lot! This may sound cliche, but WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) As Jesus gives you grace, give that person grace

Open Mind, Open Heart, and Open Ear – Go into the conversation with an open mind. It is easy to pre-write the narrative to a situation, don’t! Open your heart to the conversation. Listening is a lost art. Use your ears before your mouth. There are two sides to every story. 

Better communication will help not only the person you are talking to, but also yourself. 

Trash in – Trash out

When something is stirring inside of you that needs to be discussed but you aren’t dealing with the situation just internalizing it – that trash stays in. What happens when you do not take out the trash? It Stinks. Your demeanor can change, as well as your overall attitude. Get the trash out with a healthy discussion. 

Communication in different situations is never fun, but is a must to get through whatever you are dealing with. 

What tips do you have to help someone better communicate in a difficult situation?